Performance at Cans in Tucson

December 2, 2018 will be a performance at Cans on 4th Ave in Tucson, AZ.  Several writer’s, including me, will be telling their story called Bringing Our Stories to Life – the culmination of a 5-week Storytelling Workshop.  An Anthology will be available as well.

I don’t perform stories very often, so it will be fun to be on stage in the lights again.

See you there!


Phoenix Zine Fest October 28th at the Unexpected Gallery

The Wasted Ink Distro, who carries my Zines in Phoenix, will be representing my Zines at the Phoenix Zine Fest October 28th at the Unexpected Gallery!  I have 10 Zines at very affordable prices.  

Zines are fun, short reading material for coffee tables, reception areas, and gifts.  So many artists and writer’s will be at this year’s Zine Fest and the creativity of this community is outstanding.  

Come see what a Zine Fest is all about.  I will be there at 11:30 and will be signing Zines at the Wasted Ink Distro table.  Come by and say Hello!


October 1st is the Beginning to a New Energetic Spiritual Cycle

From the Angels:

Welcome to the exciting energy of a new spiritual cycle beginning October 1st.  Yes, it is the shifting and new beginning of all productivity, creativity and activity.  Something is in the air and it is coming with a flurry.

Today, let go of the old, thank the summer for all the gifts delivered and cleanup to allow this new energy in.  It will be surprisingly different than what was happening just a few days ago.  What your routine looked like then will drastically change tomorrow.  And it will be a rapid intensification of energy that will leave the old in the dust.

You will be surprised how your world view, opportunities and days will look.  Allow it all to happen in its time and space.  It is always for your highest and best, even though it seems very different.

All is well, all is well.  Say it often.

Go with the flow for we are in the mild rapids of change and it will smooth out as we assimilate this new energy.  Enjoy the ride!

Love and Light,

Kermie and the Angels

Mary’s Simple Graces – Messages from the Virgin Mary Book Trailer

Writing this book was a complete joy to be in Mary’s love and healing as she gave messages for this book.   When I am listening to spirit, my memory is not engaged, so this is a completely new book for me as I read it.  

Mary continually amazes me with her insight and I have heard from readers that she directs them to just the right passage for what they are going through.  A truly blessed book.  Mary’s gift to you.  

Thank you for allowing me to be of service,


Current Projects

The final Book Trailers have been reviewed, approved and published today.  The angels and Mary said it was time to move to this next step.  I have been writing for many years now and grateful to have a different media to work with even with the opportunities for much growth!  Soon will be the Mary’s Simple Graces book trailer and then the excitement of Podcasting.  

There is always a learning curve working with different formats and always asking how to be of best service using our current technology.  The 2 Angel Mediations will be the first podcasts – blessings on those as they finally enter the world for the healing they may bring.  

Thank you for all your support and input on these projects!

Love and Light,



This is a glorious day to be alive and to be grateful.  Anyone can look at the world from a negative perspective, but the ones who look and see the gifts, the growth and the positive in all situations are the wise ones.  They enjoy a deep serenity that all is well.  Be the wise one today.

Call in the Angels to help with any situation that you face and then allow them to assist in all ways possible.  The work you both do together will be awesome and good.



The Angels are saying: We are always with you! Always. Open to our soft whispers, receive the gifts we send and pass on what you have learned from us. Sometimes we connect with you in the wee hours of the morning. That is us softly waking you to answer your prayer. Instead of being annoyed that you can not go back to sleep, go to the computer or write in your journal what we are saying to you. We will let you go back to sleep again if you would just take the time to listen, write and allow yourself the beauty of our presence. We love you and when you ask, we will answer. It sometimes may not seem convenient to you, but it is always, always perfect timing.

In Divine Service,
Kermie and the Angels

Listening to Our Intuition

One of the best gifts we are given is intuition.  That inner knowing, the hunch, the feeling that something is not right or is goosebump producing perfect.  This is our intuition.  The good news is we can develop this subtle sense and rely on it time and time again.  We can even use it to talk to our Guardian Angel, deceased loved ones and to the Divine Itself!  What a prize possession we have!

My first book How to Talk and Actually Listen to Your Guardian Angel outlines and gives specific exercises to practice opening to communication from other realms and dimensions.  It works, it really does.  The more you converse with spirit, the better you will get at being aware of their “voices” and communication style. 

The spirit world isn’t as limited in communication as we are on the physical plane.  We talk with voice, hear with ears, and see with eyes.  On the astral or angelic realms the sky is the limit and angels are very creative and specific in how they communicate.  It is an energy transfer.  It can be a picture in our imagination, a sound just as clear as what we hear with our ears or a feeling that comes from the inside out.  They are very creative and spot on with what they want to say.  Always honest and loving – angels and spirit guides love to assist with guidance and boost our spirits in a variety of ways.

Have you talked to your Guardian Angel today?  Ask and see what they have to say.