Writer’s Retreat

I continue to write throughout the day, and one love I have is to go on monthly writer’s retreats. They are self-made-up retreats where I can focus on writing without too many distractions. I have 3 books in process and those out-of-town retreats can be extremely productive. One of the books is scheduled for an early 2020 release, so better go on more writer’s retreats this year. Yes!

I have also had recent opportunities to speak at writer’s workshops which are always inspiring. Writing is such solitary work and it is an honor to be of service and talk to other writers. At the latest workshop, the audience persuaded me to read my lastest published story at the end of my presentation. I didn’t have it with me, but one of the workship presenters had access to the internet and she pulled it up so I was able to read it from her phone. Technology is great when it works. It was fun to see people laugh at the funny parts and tearfully quiet during the message at the end. Of course, they were very kind in their applause. Thank you for that!

I love to talk about life as a writer with all its angst and surprises. Someday, I might even write a book about my writing journey, oh, that’s right, I have a writing journal. I guess that book is already started. Wow.

What a gift I give myself by writing. It isn’t so much about the sucesses as it is what I learn along the way. I learn something new each day I write, speak, or get out in the world with my work. Just get up and take a risk today!

Thank you for all your support and encouragement.