Angel Readings


Angel Readings by Phone

Dr. Wohlenhaus offers Angel Reading opportunities. She will ask for messages from your guardian angel and personal angel band.  These messages are practical and profound. Through these readings, the precious relationship you have with your guardian angel and personal angels will be strengthened by the informative messages Dr. Wohlenhaus delivers.  Guardian angels and personal angels love to give us clear,  personal guidance on both spiritual and everyday life situations.

Phone Readings:  $100 for 1/2 hour, $200/hour 

“Phone readings offer a great deal of personal or business information. If a couple or a business owner is interested in a reading, I usually suggest an hour. If it is an individual, 30 minutes gives the angels plenty of time to give great guidance and insight.” —Kermie

 For an angel phone reading appointment write or go to Contact Kermie 

* Credit cards accepted at time of reading.


Angel Readings by Email

“The email angel readings have been very popular. I have had great response from those who want a focused angel reading.” —Kermie

E-mail Readings: $50 USD flat rate 

For an Email Reading and payment information, please contact Kermie at: or go to Contact Kermie.  Able to send request for payment in USA or Internationally via PayPal.

“Hi Kermie, thank you so very much for the amazing reading from my angels, I deeply appreciate it.” – Anthony