Workshops, Classes and Presentations

**How to Talk and Actually Listen to Your Guardian Angel workshop  is NOW in book form – print and ebook, see Book Menu for information.  Workshops and classes will be available on-line soon – please contact Kermie for more information.

CLASSES—6 hour courses include:

Intuitive Development I, II and III Numerology
Meeting 4 Archangels Angels 101

WORKSHOPS—4 hour courses include:

How to Talk and Actually Listen to Your Guardian Angel ** Meeting Your Finance Angels
Love Angels Talking to Nature Intelligences
Angels in Sacred Texts  Spiritual Writing

Comments about the “How to Talk to and Actually Listen to Your Guardian Angel” workshop.

“My life has not been the same since your workshop, I now know and can talk to my Guardian Angel. Thank you Kermie!”—Phyllis, Portland, OR

“Your compassionate and understanding way of being with the workshop participants was a perfect example of what we all can aspire to by being connected to the angelic realms. The workshop was informational as well as practical.”—Aerial, Beaverton, OR

“Kermie’s sense of humor, down to earth manner and education allowed me to trust the process. During her workshop, I easily connected with my guardian angel.” 
—Gail, Portland, OR

“It was a very joyful! experience connecting with my G.A. He is pure joy and helped answer a lot of questions. Thank you!”—Rachel, Seattle, WA

“The workshop gave good practical exercises to help me communicate with my guardian angel. Thank you!”
—Paige, Portland, OR

Comment about “Creating Money—Meeting your Finance and Career Angels”

“This workshop turned my financial world around! It was one of the most important seminars I have ever taken. It changed my financial life”
—Barbara, Portland, OR