October 1st is the Beginning to a New Energetic Spiritual Cycle

From the Angels:

Welcome to the exciting energy of a new spiritual cycle beginning October 1st.  Yes, it is the shifting and new beginning of all productivity, creativity and activity.  Something is in the air and it is coming with a flurry.

Today, let go of the old, thank the summer for all the gifts delivered and cleanup to allow this new energy in.  It will be surprisingly different than what was happening just a few days ago.  What your routine looked like then will drastically change tomorrow.  And it will be a rapid intensification of energy that will leave the old in the dust.

You will be surprised how your world view, opportunities and days will look.  Allow it all to happen in its time and space.  It is always for your highest and best, even though it seems very different.

All is well, all is well.  Say it often.

Go with the flow for we are in the mild rapids of change and it will smooth out as we assimilate this new energy.  Enjoy the ride!

Love and Light,

Kermie and the Angels