As the Days Shorten

As the days shorten for the northern hemisphere and lengthen south of the Equator, there is a shift of rhythms. Instead of resisting the seasons, flow with them and find a new way of being.

During the transition months of fall and spring it is natural for beings to feel fatigue and at the same time have frequent bursts of energy. The anticipation of winter warns of colder temperatures ahead and to finish preparations. The spring is busting with new life and requires the clearing away of the debris left from the winter months. Digging out areas for new growth as well as covering up for the coming freeze. As you see, it is a time of transition. Rest often and also work with focus during these in-between times.

The birds prepare to migrate, the animals may hibernate or awaken with babies soon to come. The planet loves the changing of the seasons, just as you do. There are gifts to be had for all. Remember the joy of each season and relish in them. There is a cycle and the Earth will continue to move as she rotates – leaning towards and away from the sun. The key is preparation for all. Plan well and each season will smoothly flow to the next. And always call on us, your angels, to guide you to the next step and take each day joyfully as you ready yourself for the upcoming weather.

As always love and joy,

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