This is a glorious day to be alive and to be grateful.  Anyone can look at the world from a negative perspective, but the ones who look and see the gifts, the growth and the positive in all situations are the wise ones.  They enjoy a deep serenity that all is well.  Be the wise one today.

Call in the Angels to help with any situation that you face and then allow them to assist in all ways possible.  The work you both do together will be awesome and good.



The Angels are saying: We are always with you! Always. Open to our soft whispers, receive the gifts we send and pass on what you have learned from us. Sometimes we connect with you in the wee hours of the morning. That is us softly waking you to answer your prayer. Instead of being annoyed that you can not go back to sleep, go to the computer or write in your journal what we are saying to you. We will let you go back to sleep again if you would just take the time to listen, write and allow yourself the beauty of our presence. We love you and when you ask, we will answer. It sometimes may not seem convenient to you, but it is always, always perfect timing.

In Divine Service,
Kermie and the Angels