Newly Released book Shopping with the Virgin Mary

It is finally finished, published, distributed, and available.  Thank you for all your support in bringing this book into being.  For a sample of the Shopping with the Virgin Mary, click here on Amazon and download a Free sample!


Angel Update

We are here, greetings!  So much is happening in the world and we suggest that each person keep their world small and manageable in that you don’t get too distracted with all the excitement that is broadcast on the various media.  Pray for that which is disturbing, but then return your attention to your life, loves, and focus.  The VERY best you can do for the Earth and those upon her is to pray for the highest and best in alignment with the Divine for all.  Periodically, the national and global attention comes to your doorstep and you will able to make a huge difference, but until that opportunity knocks, stay centered within your realm and nurture self and those who depend on you.


Play, have fun, work, study, but stay focused.  With so much global news available, it can be overwhelming to your senses and to your emotions.  But by keeping attention on your smaller sphere, while praying for the larger, you will be doing much.  When your life – including physical, mental, and emotional health – are attended to, you will be well equipped to have the energy and inner knowing to step forward when we, the angels, call you to act to help change the universe.

We love you and are always, ALWAYS with you!



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