Listening to Our Intuition

One of the best gifts we are given is intuition.  That inner knowing, the hunch, the feeling that something is not right or is goosebump producing perfect.  This is our intuition.  The good news is we can develop this subtle sense and rely on it time and time again.  We can even use it to talk to our Guardian Angel, deceased loved ones and to the Divine Itself!  What a prize possession we have!

My first book How to Talk and Actually Listen to Your Guardian Angel outlines and gives specific exercises to practice opening to communication from other realms and dimensions.  It works, it really does.  The more you converse with spirit, the better you will get at being aware of their “voices” and communication style. 

The spirit world isn’t as limited in communication as we are on the physical plane.  We talk with voice, hear with ears, and see with eyes.  On the astral or angelic realms the sky is the limit and angels are very creative and specific in how they communicate.  It is an energy transfer.  It can be a picture in our imagination, a sound just as clear as what we hear with our ears or a feeling that comes from the inside out.  They are very creative and spot on with what they want to say.  Always honest and loving – angels and spirit guides love to assist with guidance and boost our spirits in a variety of ways.

Have you talked to your Guardian Angel today?  Ask and see what they have to say.