Have You Talked to Your Guardian Angel Today?

We can get very busy in our lives and totally forget to talk to our Guardian Angel about the details in our lives. They know us better than our best friends, family, and partners. All we have to do is ask them for their opinion and guidance. They know we will make up our own minds about decisions, but what fun to receive inspiring information. We sometimes miss out on this information when we don’t take the time to ask. Whenever we are at a stop light, waiting for someone, or have a down moment, take the time to check in, see what they want to tell us or just say Hi.

Currently, I am waiting for my car to be fixed at my local mechanic’s garage. I realized I had the time to check in with my Guardian Angel. She said to blog and remind others to do the same. There is more she wants to tell me so I will end now and listen . . .

Love and Light,

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