Creative Time

This tragic time of COVID is also an opportunity to focus on our creativity. Not only will we be creating a vaccine, treatment and a way to irradiate this virus but it is also time for us individually to create a new life. The angels are here to assist with this slow and steady process.

First, it is important to see what isn’t working in our lives and then to find creative and new solutions in this unprecedented situation we are all in. It is vital to go into uncharted paths because the old roads are blocked and not available anymore.

It can be frustrating if we try to return to what we thought was normal. What has to happen is to look forward to this new dawning future no one has ever experienced before and implement creative and unique ways of living our lives.

This ability to create is in our souls, we are all Creators of our reality. We are being pushed to exceed our known world and begin to build the foundation for the unknown that we can only imagine. Fire up your imagination and follow your wildest dreams of what life can be. The Universe will support us and open doors we didn’t know existed. Ask the angels for new possibilities and images. Stay grateful.