2016 San Francisco Book Festival Awards Shopping with the Virgin Mary Honorable Mention

I am SO thrilled to receive an Honorable Mention award at the 2016 San Francisco Book Festival for Shopping with the Virgin Mary in the Spirituality Category.  What an honor!

Thank you to the judges and the book festival for featuring indie and traditionally published books.  It inspires me to continue to write my experiences with, certainly the Virgin Mary, but also my eclectic interactions with spirit.

I am at a loss for words, except for gratitude and blessings – and I suppose there really isn’t anything else worth saying other than those two, except maybe – love.

Newly Released book Shopping with the Virgin Mary

It is finally finished, published, distributed, and available.  Thank you for all your support in bringing this book into being.  For a sample of the Shopping with the Virgin Mary, click here on Amazon and download a Free sample!


Angel Update

We are here, greetings!  So much is happening in the world and we suggest that each person keep their world small and manageable in that you don’t get too distracted with all the excitement that is broadcast on the various media.  Pray for that which is disturbing, but then return your attention to your life, loves, and focus.  The VERY best you can do for the Earth and those upon her is to pray for the highest and best in alignment with the Divine for all.  Periodically, the national and global attention comes to your doorstep and you will able to make a huge difference, but until that opportunity knocks, stay centered within your realm and nurture self and those who depend on you.


Play, have fun, work, study, but stay focused.  With so much global news available, it can be overwhelming to your senses and to your emotions.  But by keeping attention on your smaller sphere, while praying for the larger, you will be doing much.  When your life – including physical, mental, and emotional health – are attended to, you will be well equipped to have the energy and inner knowing to step forward when we, the angels, call you to act to help change the universe.

We love you and are always, ALWAYS with you!



Have You Talked to Your Guardian Angel Today?

We can get very busy in our lives and totally forget to talk to our Guardian Angel about the details in our lives. They know us better than our best friends, family, and partners. All we have to do is ask them for their opinion and guidance. They know we will make up our own minds about decisions, but what fun to receive inspiring information. We sometimes miss out on this information when we don’t take the time to ask. Whenever we are at a stop light, waiting for someone, or have a down moment, take the time to check in, see what they want to tell us or just say Hi.

Currently, I am waiting for my car to be fixed at my local mechanic’s garage. I realized I had the time to check in with my Guardian Angel. She said to blog and remind others to do the same. There is more she wants to tell me so I will end now and listen . . .

Love and Light,

What the Angels are Saying

We are always with you! Always. Open to our soft whispers, receive the gifts we send and pass on what you have learned from us. Sometimes we connect with you in the wee hours of the morning. That is us softly waking you to answer your prayer. Instead of being annoyed that you can not go back to sleep, go to the computer or write in your journal what we are saying to you. We will let you go back to sleep again if you would just take the time to listen, write and allow yourself the beauty of our presence. We love you and when you ask, we will answer. It sometimes may not seem convenient to you, but it is always, always perfect timing.

In Divine Service,
Kermie and the Angels

Have angels ever been on earth as humans?

Yes and no. Let me explain, Angels were created by God, the Creator, for the purpose of being embassadors of Divine will. They are messengers, guardians, teachers, and more, they love us and do Divine will. They usually stay invisible and anonymous as they go about doing good acts. Even though I have said they have never been human before, there are times when angels come to Earth, take on a physical body to help us for a limited period of time.

If we are going to die before our time, are in great despair or they just have something important to say, some great proclamation, angels will take on a physical body, just to help us because there was no other way to do it. I have heard many stories of a person rescuing someone in a snow storm, or giving wise counsel just in the nick of time. These have been angels intervening in the person’s life. There are a couple of ways to tell if it was an angel or not.

One is that angels come out of nowhere and leave without a trace. Someone who has had an angel encounter will say they turned to thank the person who had helped them and they were gone. No one saw them leave and there was no track or trace of them.

Angels also have a different feel or energy about them that people will say, “I just know that person was an Angel who saved me from the speeding car”. So, Kimberly, yes Angels can become human for a brief period of time, but their natural state is invisible.

Do angels really fly or do they float on clouds?

whispering angelsAngels can fly and float on clouds, ride buses, sit next to us in the car and walk on the streets, if they want to. When an angel thinks of something, it just happens. If they want to be in a different city, they go there in a split second just by thinking it. If you would like to have angels around you, just ask and they will come.

Sometimes I will see so many Angels around someone, but the person will say they cannot “feel” them or the Angels won’t talk to them. Just know that they are there. They talk in a different way then we do, they urge us to do good, to be joyful and to love. They are always cheering us on and sending us support, especially when we are being brave and doing the right thing for us.

I also have people ask if angels are watching us when we are naked or in the bathroom. No angels give us lots of privacy. They only come when we call.

Now Is the Time

imagesQ8E0WKCPThis is the time to bring in the Angels for the Holy Days!  They are all around as carols are being sung about their important role announcing the birth of Divine Love so long ago.  They say that this year is even more important for them to be present with us.  Ask them into your holiday preparations and listen to their voices, they have much to say and will help with festivities, grief, lonliness and joy.  All of it!  Just ask and they will be there in all their glory.