Do angels really fly or do they float on clouds?

whispering angelsAngels can fly and float on clouds, ride buses, sit next to us in the car and walk on the streets, if they want to. When an angel thinks of something, it just happens. If they want to be in a different city, they go there in a split second just by thinking it. If you would like to have angels around you, just ask and they will come.

Sometimes I will see so many Angels around someone, but the person will say they cannot “feel” them or the Angels won’t talk to them. Just know that they are there. They talk in a different way then we do, they urge us to do good, to be joyful and to love. They are always cheering us on and sending us support, especially when we are being brave and doing the right thing for us.

I also have people ask if angels are watching us when we are naked or in the bathroom. No angels give us lots of privacy. They only come when we call.

Now Is the Time

imagesQ8E0WKCPThis is the time to bring in the Angels for the Holy Days!  They are all around as carols are being sung about their important role announcing the birth of Divine Love so long ago.  They say that this year is even more important for them to be present with us.  Ask them into your holiday preparations and listen to their voices, they have much to say and will help with festivities, grief, lonliness and joy.  All of it!  Just ask and they will be there in all their glory.